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Website Analysis *Carolwilder.net*

Website Analysis Media Design

  • A link to the website:

o   http://www.carolwilder.net

  • A site for students, colleagues, and friends to view selected works, research, and courses taught.
  • Myself, Jacob Avanesov, a student who is interested in exploring the department and looking through Instructors biographies and profiles, who just happens to stumble upon this website which breaks everything down in a concise manner. It attracts me, the student, as it has the course syllabus, selected works, CV, and onward.
  • Coming onto the site, it solves my problem as it has, almost everything, that I need to know about the Professor and scholar. It allows me to look, closely, at her work and her previous work and understand Dr. Carol Wilder’s backgrounds and interest of study. Also, should I need to contact her, there is a contact link across the top of the page.

[www.carolwilder.net] SITEMAP

[Jacob Avanesov]

[April 19, 2014]


All tabs are labeled, clearly, across the top of the page.

1       Home

1.1  News

1.1.1      Provides an area that gives a biography of recent research and studies of the Professor. Additionally, the biography describes where Carol Wilder is coming from (her background) and some of the, many, articles that she has written.

2       CV

2.1  CV

2.1.1      This page redirects you to Carol Wilder’s CV and her address and phone number, contact information and onward. In the curriculum vitae it discusses the instructors research and previous degrees, as well as courses taught.

3       Teaching

3.1  Course Syllabi

3.1.1      This page offers a course syllabi for the current semester, as well as previous semesters taught.

3.1.2      All courses are clearly labeled and their location and semester are located in a parenthetical format.

4       Writing

4.1  Selected Writing

4.1.1      This page provides writings that Carol Wilder had completed throughout. It begins with her most recent (fall 2013) and continues to some of her earlier writings that she has written (back in the 1970’s).

5       Film and Video

5.1  This site describes some of Carol Wilder’s films. It links the honors that have been associated with the film and, additionally, gives a brief synopsis to some of the films, though not all. Also there is a different picture on this page, one with her dog.


6       Contact Information

6.1  Contact Information

6.1.1      E-mail: provides her e-mail address.

6.1.2      Facebook: Provides her facebook. Carol Wilder.

6.1.3      Office Phone #: Provides her office phone number.

Issues with the site:

I don’t mean to be a harsh critic but there are some issues with this site. It is not visually pleasing and, moreover, the site does not truly provide an elaborate basis on some of the materials that I am interested in viewing. For example, on the films, she does not provide a synopsis which is somewhat frustrating as I would not want to watch a film without first knowing about the background of the film or where the filmmaker is coming from in making the film/inspirations.


Proposed Wesbite [jacobavanesov.com]

Proposed Website *Media Design*
• The Name:
o The name for my website would simply be my name so jacobavanesov.com,net,org,etc…
• A one-sentence description:
o Jacobavanesov.com is a place where you can, essentially, find all my scholarly work including, but certainly not limited to, films, essays, class assignments and projects.
• Three “User Persona’s.”
o Josh “Student at University of California, Riverside (UCR)”
o Josh, a 19 year old undergraduate at the University of California, Riverside is looking for scholarly work published on film theory and analysis and, more specifically, focusing on Alfred Hitchcock, of who I have written a substantial amount of work about. Josh enters my website as a place to begin brainstorming where he solely wants a fellow students approach to viewing who, perhaps, one might associate as the most complex and innovative director. He would enter my website, initially, viewing what he needs specifically but would, in essence, be anxious to view some of my work which will also be on the website as well. He gets inspired!
o Susan “Graduate Director/Coordinator at Azusa Pacific University”
o Susan, a 47 year old graduate director at Azusa Pacific University, where I would like to obtain a second masters degree in, is doing some bit of research on my past studies, goals, and intentions. She enters my website to find some sample writing and a biography about myself and some of my goals and interests. She needs to get a feel of what kind of aspirations I have as a student and so she looks closely at my website in order to find work.
o Miguel “Employer for some company in Los Angeles”
o Miguel, a 60 year old male, is looking to hire a prospective employee. He googles my name in google.com and, Ah!, my webpage is displayed right at the top. He begins to look through it, finding a lot more about me than he had wanted to know but he looks right at the resume as that is what he is most interested in. He looks at my qualifications and looks at the design of the site.
• How will this serve each individual need?
o If I have not yet already made it clear, I think it would be better to do this collectively. My website will, essentially, be a collective archive of work that I have done as a graduate student and throughout my life. It’s a place where people can go to if they are interested about me or film and film theory. Each individual I have listed has the sole intention of getting to know me and where I am coming from, they have the intention of looking at my work that I have published, to some extent, and contact information. They are looking for potentiality and credibility and my website might be able to fulfill these needs.

[jacobavanesov.com] SITEMAP
[Jacob Avanesov]
[April 18, 2014]

1 Home
1.1 Jacob Avanesov
1.1.1 This page will redirect the user back to my homepage where I will have a picture of myself and a short biography of myself.
2 About
2.1 Biography
2.2 Works Published
2.3 About
2.3.1 What You Can Expect to Find/Purpose For Creation
2.3.2 A Resume including my past studies and work. This resume will include courses taken and subjects interested in. It will, essentially, be a CV.
3 Works Published
3.1 Films
3.1.1 This is where I will have some of my films that I have done placed into. On a parenthetical note, I am taking “Film Form Production Labs” beginning next semester, therefore, I hope to be able to build to this.
3.2 Scripts and Ideas
3.2.1 This is where I will have some of my writings published but, more specifically, my creative writings. I hope to copyright all my work prior to publishing but the sole purpose of it is so that people can get a feel from where I am coming from and what I am doing as I feel that my writing tells a lot about who I am.
3.3 Analysis/Papers
3.3.1 This is where I will be publishing some of my work that I have previously written. I’d like any reader to keep in mind the fact that this will not be perfect or carved in stone but it is my analysis, for what it’s worth. I have so much clutter, throughout my computer, of all my writings and I feel that this would be a good place to get files out there.
4 Research
4.1 Film Theory and Film Music Theory
4.1.1 This is where I will discuss my ultimate passion for filmmaking and the art and craft of filmmaking. I will discuss all about the “gaze” in cinema and a little insight (briefly) at where I am coming from in terms of analysis.
4.2 Physical Education:
4.2.1 You know? Believe it or not, I have this fascination for physical fitness and nutrition. I have views that the body is the temple and, therefore, we get out of our bodies what we put into it. This is completely irrelevant to my studies at The New School, where I focus on film but, nonetheless, is something that I am passionate about and have done substantial research on. Plus, I am interested in pursing a degree in Physical Education.
4.3 Alfred Hitchcock
4.3.1 Yet again, my obsession for Mr. Hitch. The master of suspense, I want to have a section dedicated solely to him where I would tract some material that has inspired firm theoretical foundations that came to bare on Mr. Hitch! I have so many texts that reference Mr. Hitchcock and would like a space where I could just organize all of them.

5 Blog
5.1 This would be a link to my blog in which I hope to have more current updates about things that I am currently working on. Viewers can look here if they are interested in seeing some of the things that I am working on and continue working on. I will, hopefully, be updating my blog on a weekly basis.
6 Projects and Assignments
6.1 Papers
6.1.1 This is a place where my papers can be located that I have written in graduate school, thus far.
6.2 Film
6.2.1 This will be where I will be posting some films that I am interested in and, additionally, some of my personal work.
6.3 Presentations
6.3.1 This will be a link to presentations that I have been working on.

7 Contact
7.1 This place can be utilized for my personal contact information including e-mail address and phone number and a link to my google+ page.

The NewYOURmentary (It’s still a working title)!

Dear all –
After much work and effort, I have attempted to put together another version of this film that is much more lyrical, in fact, than the first one and has far less shots but might make you feel uneasy/dizzy! You know, I have been in New York City for almost a year and I have yet to fully accustom to it and I do, at times, feel uneasy and dizzy, especially when traveling! Also, I wanted to have almost no stills in this scene, except for the opening but even then the camera is not stationary on a tripod. I tried to link it, moreover, to the music. I am going to be working on getting this thing in HD but, as of right now, I would just like to post what I have thus far. I hope you enjoy it, I know I sure enjoyed working on it and have had a pretty good experience with Premiere. I know, it’s not the next academy award winning short but I did try to do my hardest in order to replicate the initial city symphony film’s. I am unhappy at the fact that I got rid of the camera set up scene but I also sped up the music just a tad which means I had to get rid of some things as the music compliments the film throughout. It is, if you don’t already know, the overture to North By Northwest (1959), ingeniously scored by none other than Bernard Herrmann and I am certain that it is copyrighted by Paramount Pictures (I believe it was the last film Hitchcock made with Paramount or he might have already been with Universal, although, Psycho was his first film with Universal but don’t quote me).

Warmest regards,



The NewYorMentary (A Working Title)

Dear all –

Attached, please find my, first ever, short film. It is an exploration of the busy-life of New York City, and filmed on location throughout New York City (primarily Grand Central Station). I don’t have many stationary shots but, to be quite honest, I feel as though it adds to the “feel” of New York City. Additionally, I decided to have Bernard Herrmann’s intro/overture to “North By Northwest” accompany the film. I tried editing, rhythmically, as I knew exactly what the score was going to be for the film.   There is a play on perception (through the power of editing) at one point of the film and I’ll be extremely impressed if you are able to catch it. I hope you like it and, for what it’s worth, I put a lot of effort into it and it is my first film that I have ever shot and edited. Montage had to come into play cause I had to, meticulously, sit down and decide what shots worked for the film and what shots didn’t. Special thanks to Jade too as she provided some great insight. Something that I am not liking about the film, and would like feedback on, is the ending. Perhaps I should have incorporated end credits as well as I feel that ending it in such a manner, is not too appealing. I love the technique in shooting at more/less frames per second but, employed, time-lapse in post-production (editing).

See you all tomorrow (4/5/14),



Journey at The New School/In New York