Introductory Website

Hi all, 

I hope that all is going well! You will be able to find my website, or what I have thus far, at I am still working on building it and getting everything in place but, for what it’s worth, this is what I have so far! I hope that you enjoy it and please do not hesitate in contacting me should you have any comments on the site – I am really open for it! I will try to make it look more pleasing over the weeks to come. 


4 thoughts on “Introductory Website”

  1. Your website looks great, Jacob. I like the tiled background. And I think if you developed your static home page even more to showcase your work (with video, etc) it would look that much better. Cool site!

  2. Awesome job with the web site Jacob. I think it was very smart of you to add a menu page known as “courses.”

    I understand the strategy you are trying to utilize when it comes to listing specific courses in your undergraduate and graduate studies that connect with your interests and life and goals.

    I think you should change around the way you introduce your page “The following is a list of courses I’ve taken, and their descriptions. These courses are not all the courses that I have taken, however, are courses that are related to my interests and my majors.”

    Since you already titled “Undergraduate Courses (Los Angeles Community College District and University of California, Riverside)” before the list, it can be assumed that you have taken those classes already.

    It might better serve as an introductory sentence to the New School studies.

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