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I’ve discussed this in class last week but I hope for my site to, essentially, be a space where students, friends, colleagues, etc… can stumble upon and be able to use as a credible source. I would like to create a site where my work will be posted throughout and the site will discuss my philosophies and way(s) of approaching media. I hope that this site will inspire people and, in fact, make life a lot easier by the constant analyzation of films that have firm theoretical backgrounds bearing upon them. I enjoy watching movies and writing about them in a critical manner and I hope that this enjoyment will, in fact, rub off on other people. I would like to create a space where free thought is welcomed. I don’t want to have one of those websites where, God forbid, there is no room for any opinions or questions and, consequently, a lack of communication! I’ve written lots and sometimes what I wish to have had is a site where I would just be able to go and get ideas and, hopefully, this is exactly what my site will be. A site that makes peoples lives significantly easier and sparks interest by providing a simple, yet complex, approach to understanding movies. This site will facilitate the process of getting to know a convoluted person such as myself and some of the views that I have! The following are 4 objectives that I have for my site:

1.) One of the objectives that I have is people actually visiting the site and knowing that it exists. I hope to create a “colloquium” of all my work as a graduate student (films and writings) so that people would be able to, successfully, stumble upon them. Additionally, I would like to create an atmosphere where individual comments are welcomed, throughout my site. I am all about subjectivity and, most certainly, welcome any feedback that one might have. By feedback, I mean critiques and individual understandings of my work. 

In order to, successfully, fulfill this, I would like to add a comments segment to my page at the bottom which allows for individual feedback. It would be very informal, in the terms where I won’t,necessarily, be asking for people to submit any private information, although there will be that option. ” Results will be measured simply by seeing and noting just how the user interacts with the site and my work. I would rather have negative feedback than have no feedback at all so I would be able to measure this and see how if it works by user interface. 
2.) Another objective I have is simply getting my work out there. We’ve experienced, this semester, the way Google formulates some of their websites and I would very much like for my site to simply get out there with several key words being typed in. For example, these key words might include, but are certainly not limited to, “film theory,” “Jacob Avanesov,” “screenwriting,” “The New School,” “Media Studies,” and onward. Moreover, I hope for people to be able to, easily, locate my site and how to navigate it. I don’t want it to be one of those sites that take, literally, hours to try and figure out how to successfully navigate it.I would be able to measure these results by trying it first hand. For instance, if I google my name and my site comes up then, I feel as though that is an accomplishment in itself. If I google film theory website and my name comes up then I would be on top of the world!!! 
In order to, successfully, fulfill this suggestion, I will constantly be using these words “film theory” and “Jacob Avanesov” throughout my site. In lieu of (or complementing) a resume, in the future, I would like to have a website attached. This website would welcome people to find out about who I am. I suppose that this, somewhat ties into my first objective! 
3.) Being cited! Throughout my website, I will be having my works posted. I would very much appreciate if students and colleagues  would give me some form of recognition by citing my work. I hope to be able to keep track of how many people visit my site and, although, it would be rather difficult to keep track of how many people cite me, I believe I could keep track of how many times one stumbles across my work! YouTube, for example, has something similar to what I am talking about and that is that it keeps track of how many times a video is watched. In order to fulfill this objective, I would like to have a feature on my site that keeps track of how many times a page was visited on my site. I suppose that I can make it public and, if there is an option to make it private, I would prefer that! But I would like to know if people are actually stumbling upon my site. If they are not only looking at the homepage and moving on. I want to notice a correlation and understand the user interface. 
4.) The final objective that I have is for this website to be a space where I would be able to constantly keep working on it and updating it. This is why I would be incorporating the blog in my website. Much of like Professor Wong’s website, constantly including updates (i.e. what he does in his classes {syllabus}, the time jetty project, etc….), I would like to keep current with my website as well. I’ve come across so many sites that literally look as though they have been abandoned. Nobody seems to want to be able to update their site and they have little or no interest to keep it current. I do not, under any circumstances, want to fall victim to this. I hope to have this site there to motivate me to continue writing and making films and letting people know what I am working on. I hope to build a fan-based-website. But lets say that, for whatever reason, I do have significantly less activity on my site, I believe that the very least I can do is have a blog incorporated in my site that I update either monthly or weekly, or (hopefully) daily! It’s kind of like a virtual diary for myself. People would be able to continue following me in this manner – somewhat like a twitter – but I don’t want to limit myself to merely 150 characters!! 

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