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Website Analysis Media Design

  • A link to the website:


  • A site for students, colleagues, and friends to view selected works, research, and courses taught.
  • Myself, Jacob Avanesov, a student who is interested in exploring the department and looking through Instructors biographies and profiles, who just happens to stumble upon this website which breaks everything down in a concise manner. It attracts me, the student, as it has the course syllabus, selected works, CV, and onward.
  • Coming onto the site, it solves my problem as it has, almost everything, that I need to know about the Professor and scholar. It allows me to look, closely, at her work and her previous work and understand Dr. Carol Wilder’s backgrounds and interest of study. Also, should I need to contact her, there is a contact link across the top of the page.


[Jacob Avanesov]

[April 19, 2014]


All tabs are labeled, clearly, across the top of the page.

1       Home

1.1  News

1.1.1      Provides an area that gives a biography of recent research and studies of the Professor. Additionally, the biography describes where Carol Wilder is coming from (her background) and some of the, many, articles that she has written.

2       CV

2.1  CV

2.1.1      This page redirects you to Carol Wilder’s CV and her address and phone number, contact information and onward. In the curriculum vitae it discusses the instructors research and previous degrees, as well as courses taught.

3       Teaching

3.1  Course Syllabi

3.1.1      This page offers a course syllabi for the current semester, as well as previous semesters taught.

3.1.2      All courses are clearly labeled and their location and semester are located in a parenthetical format.

4       Writing

4.1  Selected Writing

4.1.1      This page provides writings that Carol Wilder had completed throughout. It begins with her most recent (fall 2013) and continues to some of her earlier writings that she has written (back in the 1970’s).

5       Film and Video

5.1  This site describes some of Carol Wilder’s films. It links the honors that have been associated with the film and, additionally, gives a brief synopsis to some of the films, though not all. Also there is a different picture on this page, one with her dog.


6       Contact Information

6.1  Contact Information

6.1.1      E-mail: provides her e-mail address.

6.1.2      Facebook: Provides her facebook. Carol Wilder.

6.1.3      Office Phone #: Provides her office phone number.

Issues with the site:

I don’t mean to be a harsh critic but there are some issues with this site. It is not visually pleasing and, moreover, the site does not truly provide an elaborate basis on some of the materials that I am interested in viewing. For example, on the films, she does not provide a synopsis which is somewhat frustrating as I would not want to watch a film without first knowing about the background of the film or where the filmmaker is coming from in making the film/inspirations.


One thought on “Website Analysis **”

  1. I think that it would be a good idea if most instructors had their own blog/website. As you said, it would clearly provide others (such as students, colleagues, or even new clients) with the chance to learn about that person’s works and other important information.

    Too be honest. I am actually now considering changing the direction of my website design (too many ideas and still needs a clear focus) after speaking with Virgil; perhaps to something similar as yours.

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