The NewYOURmentary (It’s still a working title)!

Dear all –
After much work and effort, I have attempted to put together another version of this film that is much more lyrical, in fact, than the first one and has far less shots but might make you feel uneasy/dizzy! You know, I have been in New York City for almost a year and I have yet to fully accustom to it and I do, at times, feel uneasy and dizzy, especially when traveling! Also, I wanted to have almost no stills in this scene, except for the opening but even then the camera is not stationary on a tripod. I tried to link it, moreover, to the music. I am going to be working on getting this thing in HD but, as of right now, I would just like to post what I have thus far. I hope you enjoy it, I know I sure enjoyed working on it and have had a pretty good experience with Premiere. I know, it’s not the next academy award winning short but I did try to do my hardest in order to replicate the initial city symphony film’s. I am unhappy at the fact that I got rid of the camera set up scene but I also sped up the music just a tad which means I had to get rid of some things as the music compliments the film throughout. It is, if you don’t already know, the overture to North By Northwest (1959), ingeniously scored by none other than Bernard Herrmann and I am certain that it is copyrighted by Paramount Pictures (I believe it was the last film Hitchcock made with Paramount or he might have already been with Universal, although, Psycho was his first film with Universal but don’t quote me).

Warmest regards,



One thought on “The NewYOURmentary (It’s still a working title)!”

  1. I think your new yourmentary is really well made. I get dizzy when I watch these faced paced environment.

    When I made my new yourmentary style video I usually start taking random footage without thought. And I wonder if you already how you wanted to adjust your camera and where you wanted t shoot before producing this video?

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