The NewYorMentary (A Working Title)

Dear all –

Attached, please find my, first ever, short film. It is an exploration of the busy-life of New York City, and filmed on location throughout New York City (primarily Grand Central Station). I don’t have many stationary shots but, to be quite honest, I feel as though it adds to the “feel” of New York City. Additionally, I decided to have Bernard Herrmann’s intro/overture to “North By Northwest” accompany the film. I tried editing, rhythmically, as I knew exactly what the score was going to be for the film.   There is a play on perception (through the power of editing) at one point of the film and I’ll be extremely impressed if you are able to catch it. I hope you like it and, for what it’s worth, I put a lot of effort into it and it is my first film that I have ever shot and edited. Montage had to come into play cause I had to, meticulously, sit down and decide what shots worked for the film and what shots didn’t. Special thanks to Jade too as she provided some great insight. Something that I am not liking about the film, and would like feedback on, is the ending. Perhaps I should have incorporated end credits as well as I feel that ending it in such a manner, is not too appealing. I love the technique in shooting at more/less frames per second but, employed, time-lapse in post-production (editing).

See you all tomorrow (4/5/14),



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