First Experience With Photography


Image 1: I intentionally used a close-up shot in this photograph. I filmed this on a 5-express-uptown train. I used the lighting that was available on the train and since we were going underground in this photograph, I had to use the lighting that was available to me on the subway. It is “key-lighting” employed in this picture, however, as I did want to place emphasis on the cell-phone, therefore, it is in the foreground.


Image 2: I took this picture on the 5 Express Downtown train. I found the perfect opportunity to capture this woman who was simply sitting there in her own space. I was setting up my camera for about a minute. I was upset that the pole was there, as it somewhat ruined the purpose that I was trying to go for — a woman in her enclosed space, privatized so the pole does kind of set out the composition of the shot. The lighting that was used in this image was Flat-lighting. The source of the lighting is the subway lights.


Image 3: This was actually one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. As you can, undoubtedly, tell I wanted to capture this man in an isolated (cornered) space. Something that is important to note is that this man had no idea that I was taking a picture of him — he was too busy playing on his phone. Flat-lighting was used as there is truly no indication of the source of the lighting.


Image 4: I enjoyed taking this photo particularly because it truly has great significance. I took this in the, what seems to be, not so well-off neighborhood of NY on the 5 Downtown train. I wanted to use the “fly-on-the-wall” approach once more so they would not have been able to see me and successfully did so. Notice the significance of the photo? 1 phone, 3 people and they use the form as a medium of an entertainment – watching a video on a 4 inch screen. They are the foreground of the photo and the background is the lighting! It seems as though key-lighting is employed, however, I am using the natural light from the outside. So the lighting technique employed is Outdoor Illumination: Day.


Image 5: I chose to use a Dutch-angle in this photograph intentionally. I could have been seated and shot him from a direct angle but I thought that this would be more applicable for the instance. Notice that the man is using two electronic devices at the same time? He has a cell-phone in one hand and an Mp3 player in the other. I am using fast-falloff in this instance – directing the lighting on his face. My only regret for this photo is not being able to get a more close-up shot of his face.


Image 6: I took this photo for several reasons. For example, there is the question of gender in this instance and performativity. Clearly this a male, however, he sounded and acted like a woman. I captured a “Kodak” moment by capturing a time when he was taking pictures of him/herself! It was the perfect timing actually and I was pleased with this photo! I had to use the available lighting on the subway but clearly there is the Outdoor illumination depicting daylight.


Image 7: I took this image to show a slight contrast of the “digital” age and the older and now less conventional style of books. I wanted to capture them in the same frame, split personalities used through the form of the pole that separates them. I did not stage this. There is a bit of rack-focus employed in this picture. The emphasis is not on the woman’s face but rather the object that she is holding. It is rather hard to try and capture the emphasis of this picture but i tried to do so by employing the rack focus a tad.


Image 8: I took this picture using a long-shot to show the other people, sitting, on the subway. Outdoor illumination, daylight, is being used as you can see, from the background that the subjects (mid-ground) are being lit using exterior lighting.
Image 9: I took this picture on the 5 local train. It does employ an element of rack focus (see background). The purpose and objective, I wanted to show the subject in an isolated space.
Image 10: IMG_0062
This is the final picture I took. It is kind of a closing to all the pictures, and revisits the first photograph I took (see above). It is a close-up shot and there is a sense of key lighting being used in the photograph.

One thought on “First Experience With Photography”

  1. Playing mobile phones in MYA cabins is an interesting phenomenon. What’s the attraction to those players? Sometimes I just think the attraction is neither the cell phone itself nor the apps on it. To those commuters, may be a book or a piece of newspaper is equal to them: to construct a comparatively isolated and private surrounding among the crowds. What different is that a book may throughly trap you in a little, closed space while the cell phones allow you keeping in your own loop of social communication yet maintaining a clear boundary from strangers.

    In my hometown, as the subway cabins are fully covered with mobile signal, such a phenomenon is even more remarkable. Once you are able to keep in own loop for 24 hours, is natural to express indifference to strangers in public environment. If it’s a problem or not, I have no answer.

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